OIC manages several programs other than LOC and one of those programs is SureHire Employment Solutions. SureHire is a free employment agency and placement service that helps people in our community find jobs, internships, training, and other career services.

The advantage to having SureHire in the same facility as LOC might be obvious at first. Because our entire curriculum is career-driven, we are able to enroll our students in the SureHire program and make use of it to help them find sumemr jobs and full-time jobs after graduation. We often find our students their very first job.

Another less obvious advantage of LOC's affiliation with SureHire is the ability to help guide our students toward well-informed career choices. We get to know each of our students rather well personally, and as a result, our teachers are in a unique position to help them understand their strengths and talents and how those would apply in a workplace setting. With a realistic approach and self-awareness encouraged by interest and personality profiling, our students are better informed about themselves and threfore better prepared to enter the ranks of job seekers and to enter the workforce itself.

Take a look at the SureHire Employment Solutions website to learn more about SureHire.