Brag Page - Digital Student Portfolio

Our students come up with some fantastic digital work. We are not always able to show their work here and sometimes a student wishes to keep their work private, but the following works are among those proudly published here for your enjoyment, and with the students' permission. No personal contact information appears on these pages.

We update this list periodically so you may want to return at a later time to see new additions.

Designer: Brandon Pelfrey – The Mud Hole –A one-page site concerning itself with mud-covered vehicles
Designer: Kelly Craycraft – Kelly’s Page – A 5-page personal site
Designer: Jordan Jackson – Jackson Engineering – A clean-looking single page site with company description
Designer: Ian Johnson – Ian Johnson Music – A multi-page site for touting Ian’s music and providing booking information
Producer: Ian Johnson - Can't Get Lost - A song written, performed, recorded, mixed and edited by Ian Johnson
Designer: Clint Saum – The World of LEDs – A multi-page site exploring LED technology and its history. This site has a unique design with high contrast and lots of color.
Designer: Shaela Wilson – Shaela – An sparkling 4-page personal site
Designer: Jentry Hunt – Millerhunt's Fantastic Art – An artist's 3-page portfolio site
Designer: Tionna Bates – Live, Love, Laugh – An vibrant, intimate 3-page personal site
Designer: Stephanie Akram – Stephanie Akram – An advanced 5-page personal site
Designer: Jordan Hottenstein – Site of Fine Jewelery – A slick catalog site, touting high-end watches of several brands
Designer: Jordan Hottenstein – Flowers – A 3-page catalog site for flowers
Designer: Kala Wise - Kala - A 3-page personal site
Creator: Kala Wise - Family - A multimedia presentation about family
Designer: Nathan Sutherland – The Valley of Singflow – A 100% custom writer's site promiting a new book for publication. Nathan created his own buttons and design elements and provided the original content. Copyrighted by publication.
Designer: Kyle Hunt – Guitarist's Paradise – An advanced multi-page hobbyist site, all about guitars and guitar makers
Designer: Melody Crossley – Melody Crossley – A simple and colorful 3-page personal site
Designer: Tia Perkins Love Quotes- Tia's bi-chrome, romantic 3-page site
Creator: Ashley Wright - Ashley's Family - A multimedia tribute to Ashley's family
Creator: Bryant Waller - Michael Jordan: From Start to Finish - A multimedia tribute to basketball star Michael Jordan

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These pages are the property of each individual student and are copyrighted by virtue of publication. All rights reserved. No real corporate entities are advertised on these pages and no advertising space is available here.

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