Enroll at LOC

Enrolling at LOC is easy but details are important so please be sure to follow all the instructions you are given.

1. First, check the eligibility page on this site to determine if you are likely to be eligible to enroll.

2. Come to our office to pick up an enrollment packet and get specific instructions based on your home school.

3. Fill out the packet and obtain and gather together all the required copies and original documents appearing on the packet checklist. The checklist appearing on the eligibility page is just a rough guideline, so please refer to the actual paper packet that you receive for the accurate list of documents that you need to provide.

4. Return the completed packet with all supporting documents to our office.

5. Wait for approval from our office.

6. Attend one of our orientation classes with a parent or guardian. The orientation class will be scheduled with you by our office.

7. Continue to go to your home school until the first day that you are scheduled to begin classes at LOC.

8. Learn.

9. Graduate!