Find out if you are eligible

If you meet the following requirements, you may be eligible to attend LOC:


    Must meet our age requirements (enroll age 16-21).

    Must meet certain qualifications according to the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) (contained within the application packet.)

    Must attend high school in Springfield or Clark County.

    Must be behind in obtaining required graduation credits.

    Must comply with the application process.

    Must receive home school principal or superintendent approval.


    If you meet the above requirements, you will need to fill out an enrollment packet. Enrollment Packets can be picked up at our office. The following will be required at the time you turn in the packet:


    Completed application packet (pick up a blank packet at our office)

    Certified copy of birth certificate

    Social security card

    Proof of address (Any piece of mail listing the student’s name and address)

    Selective service requirement (for males 18+) This information may be found at

    Proof of Income for each person living in the student’s household for the past 6 months

    Copy of the student’s school transcript

    Out-of-School Youth Form (If applicable)

    IEP forms (If applicable)

    Enroll into Keifer (SCS only)

    If applying student is an Offender:

    Court documents or records

    If applying student is a Parent:

    For each of the student’s children:

    Child's Birth Certificate

    Child's social security card

    If applying student is NOT already enrolled into Keifer, you must:

    Springfield High School students – talk to your counselor, request a referral to Keifer/OIC

    All County School students – must be approved to attend OIC by Principal or Superintendent




    The student MUST continue to attend their home school until their application has been approved by the Learning Opportunities Center.


    Don't wait until the beginning of a school year or even the beginning of a term. If you think you need help now then please enroll now.