Alternative Learning at LOC

By design, LOC isn't like a conventional public school. To help credit-deficient students, we have to go faster than other schools in covering the same material but we also have to find ways to enable students to learn when they may not be a traditional learner. By far, our most important job is to find ways to help cultivate self-motivation among those who lack it when they come to us. We have to help them maintain that self-motivation through what are often very difficult circumstances at work and at home. It's some of what a public school does and yet there are some additional challenges, too. That's why we refer to LOC as an alternative high school. We're an alternative for those students who have found that their home school wasn't necessarily a good fit for them.

Alternative in the way we approach learning: All students learn differently. Although all of our public school districts try very hard to help all of their students learn, we have found that those who fall behind and come to LOC for help usually have a learning style that is different and most often, they also lack self-motivation. They may have given up trying to succeed in school for any one of a multitude of reasons. At LOC, we feel that self-motivation can be inspired when a student finds that they really can learn and create using an individualized approach delivered by caring teachers.

Alternative in the way we approach teaching: Our teachers are a diverse group, each with a range of talents and skills that are unique to them, some of which are unusual, a mixture not unlike what you might find in our students. Teachers at LOC are encouraged to relate personally with students and find each student's individual learning style and strengths. All LOC teachers understand that we need to give our students alternatives to conventional learning if they are to succeed and surmount the problems that have led to their coming to LOC. They also recognize that some students need more careful supervision while others need more independent coursework.

Alternative in the way we approach the learning atmosphere: Our students wear a uniform shirt and have to adhere to strict rules for conduct and apparel. On the other side of that coin is our genuine affection and care for them, which directs all of our actions toward our students, including our disciplinary policy. LOC also knows that many of our students must have jobs and many have intensive obligations at home, so LOC has a no-homework policy. All classwork is completed during class time.

Alternative in offered class choices: We have many unique classes not offered in other high schools, and we believe that there is something for everyone, even students who thought that nothing in high school could interest them. Here are some examples of a few of the more unusual classes we have offered, or will offer within the next few terms:

  • CEYA: Career Education for Young Adults - Get and keep the job you want to build a career
  • Music History - 60 years of Rock & Roll - Modern music history and pop culture
  • Web Design I/II/III - Design functional and eye-catching web sites quickly using Dreamweaver or Expression Web. Completed sites and/or multimedia works can be shown off on the digital portfolio page at the student's request. We leave student works on the web for at least a year, giving them a free space where they can show proof to prospective employers of their talent and technical savvy. No other local high school provides this advantage to their students. Website creation looks great on a resume.
  • Cottage Industry and eBay - Small-scale eCommerce using eBay and PayPal. Students learn how to effectively choose what to sell and how to sell it properly and ethically while keeping their seller rating strong. Supply chain, logistics and bookeeping basics are included.
  • Everyday Math - Practical and accessible math for everyone.
  • Drama - Acting Out! - The most fun you can have in a class.
  • Automotive Restoration / Auto Build - Restoring an Historic Vehicle from the frame up
  • Protest Literature - The '60s (English) - part of our specially-themed short-form session curriculum
  • The Turbulent '60s (Government)- part of our specially-themed short-form session curriculum
  • PC Rebuild - Recycling donated PC parts into working computers while learning about what is inside the box. Students keep their completed, working project PC, a CRT monitor, keyboard and mouse to take home upon passing the class  - part of our short-form session curriculum
  • Graphic Design I/II - Using Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Expression Design - learning the basics of image creation and manipulation, fonts, colors and the art of making an impression with visual elements
  • Microsoft Office I/II - Learning how to use Microsoft office products including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint and more.


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