Accelerated Learning at LOC

The Learning Opportunities Center is accelerated, meaning the learning pace is faster. In general, the same kind of traditional class materials are covered in a shorter amount of time than in a traditional public school term.  

We have more terms per year as a result of this acceleration and therefore students are able to catch up on their credits.

Each year we have three full-credit terms lasting between 10 - 12 weeks (much like a college quarterly schedule). There are also special sessions lasting two or three weeks that are offered several times a year in between terms. These shorter sessions feature classes with longer class periods and more intensive study.

This means that a student may be able to gain credits at least 50% faster than at their home school and sometimes as much as 100% faster.

A typical year might have the following term schedule:

Typical Learning Opportunities Center (LOC) High School Annual Calendar

Note: This calendar is used as an example only and the schedule will obviously vary from year to year. We reserve the right to change our term schedule at any time.

Fall Term - Begins around the end of August  and ends around mid-November (11 or 12 weeks)

Fall Holidays - Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veteran’s Day

Ohio Graduation Tests - Mid-October

Fall Break - Mid-November through Thanksgiving (2 weeks)

December Session - Last week of November and first half of December (3 weeks)

Winter Break - Last half of December (2 weeks)

Winter Term -  Begins around January 1 and ends around mid-March (11 or 12 weeks)

Winter Holidays - MLK Day; Presidents’ Day

Ohio Graduation Tests - Mid-March

Spring Break - Around the third week of March (1 week)

Spring Term  - Begins around the last week of March and ends around mid-June (10 weeks)

Spring Holidays - Good Friday; Memorial Day

Ohio Graduation Tests - Mid-June

Summer Session I  - Last week of June and the first half of July (3 weeks)

Summer Holidays -  Independence Day

Summer Break - Around the third week of July (1 week)

Summer Session II  - Last week of July and the first half of August (3 weeks)

Fall Break - Last hald of August (two weeks)


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