About LOC

    LOC is one of the four major divisions of OIC of Clark County, a non-profit organization commited to the elimination of poverty and illiteracy in Springfield and the surrounding community of Clark County, Ohio. For more information about OIC's other programs, just visit their site.

    One of OIC's longest-running divisions, LOC opened in April 2001. LOC helps local students to catch up to their peers and graduate from high school, ideally with their original class, after having fallen behind for various reasons. Some LOC students have had truancy issues, some medically-related absences, and some social issues, among a multitude of other reasons for having fallen behind.  It's our mission at LOC to help get them caught up, get them through graduation and to continue to help them afterward in the development of their careers.

    LOC operates in tandem with local school districts throughout Clark County. Students graduating from LOC will receive their high school diploma from their home school district, although they get an additional certificate from LOC. See our eligibility page to find out of you are eligible to attend LOC.

    LOC is small and different. Our classes are, by design, confined to a smaller size than public school classes so that we can give each student the more comprehensive individual attention that they usually need to catch up to their peers. School enrollment is, on average, around 124 students, so we have the intimate feel of a private school combined with the rigorous acceleration needed to help students catch up. It's not an easier system but it is better for many students because we are able to be more flexible and more individualized. For timeframes and typical annual schedule, see our accelerated learning page.

    LOC has a career-driven approach to learning, with programs deliberately designed to help our students after graduation in the job market and then in the workplace. This approach is an important part of OIC's commitment to fight the cycle of poverty and illiteracy that challenges our community. As a result, many classes offered at LOC are not found elsewhere in the community and will likely benefit our students throughout their lifetimes. For examples of the unusual classes that we offer to enable careers, visit our alternative learning page.

    As an alternative educational provider, LOC finds innovative training methods and introduction to real-world skills that will actually help our graduates make a living, with or without higher education. It is our hope that our help will enable some of our most disadvantaged students to escape the trap of generational poverty.

    To see what our students have to say about LOC, see our testimonials page.

    Our educational partners:

    Clark County Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

    Youth Committee

    Clark-Shawnee Local Schools

    Greenon Local School District

    Northeastern Local School District

    Northwestern Local Schools

    Southeastern Local School District

    Springfield City Schools

    Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center

    State of Ohio Office of Community Service

    Tecumseh Local Schools

    Turner Foundation

    Union Club