The Learning Opportunities Center - a division of OIC of Clark County

Alternative High School


Helping Clark County high school students catch up and graduate ... often with their class.


High School students fall behind for many reasons. Health issues, family and schedule changes, moving, emotional and social mismatches with other students at their home school ... these are just a few of the reasons why kids can become credit deficient. To keep kids from dropping out and help them earn their high school diploma, OIC of Clark County created the Learning Opportunities Center. 

The Learning Opportunities Center (LOC) is an Alternative High School, in operation since 2001 and operated by OIC of Clark County, providing a unique, individualized learning environment for those students who need to catch up in credits.

Review the information in this site to learn more about how the Learning Opportunities Center might be able to help you (or a student that you care about) to graduate.


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